Waste fly-tipped in Epsom has been traced back to a North London restaurant, Epsom and Ewell Borough Council has revealed.

The restaurant was refurbished over the summer and trade waste from the renovations ended up fly-tipped in Epsom.

Epsom and Ewell Borough Council examined the rubbish to ascertain its source and found a clear trail back to the restaurant, which was fined £400 for failing in their duty of care.

While the the restaurant owners did not physically throw the rubbish into the street themselves, they were unable to prove that they had disposed of it appropriately.

Councillor Peter O'Donovan, chairman of the Environment and Safe Communities Committee said: “We will always prosecute where we find evidence that someone has fly-tipped waste.

“Illegal carriers are a major source of fly tipping. We would like to remind people that they must ensure that the person taking their waste away is licensed for such activity.

“Failing to do so means they are breaking the law and will face a fine or even criminal prosecution along with the fly tippers”.

Businesses and families who hire a waste carrier should get their full name, contact details, car registration number and check that they are licensed by the Environment Agency.