If you are living alone, in mourning or have an illness which makes you feel isolated, a regular visit from a friendly postal worker could make all the difference.

A new charity scheme funded by the Home Office is tackling loneliness among the over 65 by getting postal workers to visit elderly residents living alone twice a week.

Working with Royal Mail and Kingston Council, the South London charity Staywell is trialling the community service in New Malden for a period of six months.

Postal workers from New Malden’s delivery office are visiting participants twice a week on their usual delivery round and asking a set of five questions to make sure they are well.

The responses are recorded on postal workers’ standard work devices and will be passed immediately to Staywell to organise any further assistance as necessary.

In the past, participants have been helped to walk out again following a fall, complete an application for a taxi card, and fit an aid card call alarm.

To take part in the free trial, participants must be based in New Malden, living alone or  isolated and be over 65.

Staywell says it wants the trial to help local and central government understand the value of investing in a service like this for the future.

Stephen Taylor, director of adult social care at Kingston Council, said: “This trial is based on the very successful concept developed in Jersey.

“We think that it could connect people with simple solutions to reduce loneliness and prevent problems occurring that result in people becoming less independent and requiring care.”

To take part, contact Staywell on 020 8942 8256 or sandra.morrison@staywellservices.org.uk.