A man with an incurable condition is to be bedridden for months after his wheelchair was taken away last week for “health and safety reasons”.

Jamie Baskaran, 26, from Ashtead,  claims he was told he would not be allowed back in his wheelchair despite recommendations from doctors he use it often.

The decision has left Mr Baskaran feeling distraught, as he cannot leave his bed and will not be able to celebrate Christmas or New Year’s Eve with his family.

He told Surrey Comet: "There's not much to carry on for if I have to stay in bed. It's not making me feel good. They are not bothered about it. It's not fair.

"They made a rash decision without talking to me about it. I feel like I don't have a say in what's happening. I feel pretty powerless.

"The longer I am in bed, the weaker I get. I want to be able to go out and do stuff."

Mr Baskaran’s father Ben, based in Ipswich, said: “It’s an unmitigated disaster. My son is now imprisoned in his own home.

“He will not be able to celebrate Christmas with his family or the New Year, and due to his condition this is potentially his last.”

Mr Baskaran, who suffers from an incurable muscle wasting condition known as duchenne muscular dystrophy, was taken to hospital after a cardiac arrest in Leatherhead in September.

He was discharged from Royal Brompton Hospital in Fulham last week and taken home in his wheelchair in an ambulance.

The 26 year old was put to bed and told he would not be allowed back in his wheelchair until an occupational therapist assessed him.

But, with the earliest appointment available in February, Mr Baskaran is expected to stay in bed for months.

Ben Baskaran said: “When you are disabled, one of the challenges you have is that you are not treated with humanity. Never once did they ask him.”

Lorna Hart, deputy managing director at NHS Surrey Downs Clinical Commissioning Group: “If someone living in the Surrey Downs area needs a new wheelchair, or any other support or equipment, GPs and other health and social care professionals will make a referral to one of our local community providers.

"These professionals will meet the client and carry out an assessment to fully understand their needs.

“We work very closely with our local wheelchair services to ensure people receive their equipment as quickly as possible.

She added: "If Mr Baskaran would like us to look into this on is behalf we would encourage him to get in touch with our patient experience service by calling us on 01372 201685 so we can ensure he receives the equipment he needs as soon as possible."