Shocking pictures published on social media at the weekend reveal the scale of fly-tipping at Cox Lane Recycling Centre.

A resident has expressed concern after visiting the site on the Chessington Industrial Estate on November 2 at 3.10pm and seeing piles of cardboard boxes strewn on the ground.

Samantha Banton, who took the pictures, said her mum contacted their local councillor Margaret Thompson in June and was told the Council would do their best to find a solution.

She added: “Well that was in June. What’s the solution then?

“This looks like this every Sunday and it has been occurring for years.

“With the new rules being implemented for vans visiting Villiers Road Household Reuse and Recycling Centre, the Cox Lane Recycling Centre will only decline into a worse state than it is currently.”

A Kingston Council spokesperson said: "Veolia clears this site daily, Monday to Friday, and we have tried different ways of dealing with the problem caused by a combination of trade waste and fly-tipping.

"The recycling is generally contaminated so the future of the site is being considered."