An Epsom homeowner has shared her frustrations about flooding, which she says has been an ongoing problem for two years.

For most people, stormy weather is just an excuse to stay in, but for Dora Edwards and her family, heavy rainfall can trigger anxiety and result in a sleepless night.

The mum said her garage was flooded last week after a weekend of heavy rain and accused Surrey County Council of "negligence" due to the drainage issue.

“It’s horrible. It’s horrible", she told Epsom Comet.

“My husband called me while I was at a health spa with my girlfriends and he said the house is going to flood. I started to have a panic attack.

“I rang my father who lives around the corner and he rang the emergency services. By now the garage is completely flooded.

“The water has gone away now but we are still dealing with the aftermath. Because it’s contaminated water, we have to throw everything out.”

This isn’t the first time Mrs Edwards and her family, of Great Tattenhams, have had to battle against flooding. In June 2016, their house was fully flooded.

Mrs Edwards claims inspectors told her at the time her soakaways would need to be fixed, a repair which could take up to five years.

However in the meantime the drain needs to be regularly cleared, which isn’t being done, according to her.

She added: “Because of their negligence it has caused us so much stress and we cannot live like this anymore.”

A Surrey County Council spokesman said: “We’re sorry to hear of Mr and Mrs Edwards’ situation. Across Surrey we have over 160,000 drains at the side of our roads which we clean on a regular basis.

“These are designed for the road rather than to alleviate flash flooding and this drain was cleaned earlier this year as scheduled but there was an additional inspection last week to ensure it’s free flowing.”