Black Friday is a US tradition that we have taken on here in the UK which occurs the day after Thanksgiving.

This year Black Friday falls on November 23 and the big companies are already competing with deals.

It’s not just Black Friday anymore, Cyber Monday follows after the weekend and just like it says on the tin, is full of online deals.

Amazon, Argos and Tesco has announced deals both online and in store cutting thousands of prices.

This does means though that shopping on the high street will be a lot busier than usual as people flock for the best deals before Christmas.

So how can you keep sane during this mad weekend?

Buy online. You can buy from the comfort of your own home and they will deliver it to you.

Make a plan before you shop. Choose where you want to go and map out how to do it as quickly and painlessly as possible.

It’s said that the biggest price cuts will be on electronics so get your Christmas shopping done on Black Friday.

Start early. The shops will be heaving after a couple of hours of opening.

Set up online accounts the day before you plan to buy to save time.

Check out social media. Companies sometimes provide even more discount codes.

Set a budget. It’s easy to get seduced by the thousands of deals.

Look around for better deals on the same product. There will always be a better deal.

Sign up to Newsletters - Again, lots more discounts.

Be careful of scam email. If you have chosen ‘Click and Collect’ and you receive an email asking you to verify your credit card details. Don’t.