A snorkelling club in Kingston and Elmbridge has been awarded a £500 grant to purchase new equipment.

The Kingston and Elmbridge Junior Snorkellers was selected out of almost 1,300 entries for a Cash 4 Club award, financed by Paddy Power Betfair.

The club said buying new equipment will make snorkelling far more affordable for new members and increases the range of activities for existing members.

New diver propulsion vehicles also make snorkelling more accessible to less abled divers, including the club’s senior instructor who suffers mobility issues following a road traffic collision according to the club.

Nick Stevens, diving officer at the club, said: “I have been involved with snorkelling for well over 30 years and it’s always a struggle with second-hand equipment for new members.

“Now join us and trying snorkelling isn’t expensive, just rewarding and great fun”.

Naomi Totten, spokesperson for Paddy Power Betfair, said: “Sport plays a key role in building a strong sense of community, and we’re pleased to have run the for the 10th year in a row.

“Supporting clubs and athletes at all levels, not just professionals, is extremely important to us, and we can see how our grants have a direct impact on a local level.”