Hundreds more council houses are to be built across Kingston thanks to money from London Mayor Sadiq Khan, but the council cannot confirm how many will be part of the regenerated Cambridge Road Estate.

Residents will vote by the end of 2019 on whether to approve plans to demolish the existing 830 homes on the estate to build about 2,000 new ones in their place.

Kingston Council has already committed to replacing the current 653 social homes, but the extra money from the Greater London Authority (GLA) will allow them to build more.

A council spokeswoman said: “We are delighted to have received further funding from the Mayor to deliver new council homes across a range of sites in Kingston.

“Part of our £67.8m ‘Building Council Homes for London’ allocation from the GLA is earmarked for Cambridge Road Estate and the balance for sites across the rest of the borough.

“This will be used to significantly increase the number of new build social rented homes.

“Of approximately 2,000 new homes, we intend to deliver additional social rented properties, some shared ownership and some homes for sale, however we cannot confirm the number or the split at this stage as this is subject to the master planning process (design of the estate) planned to start in spring 2019.”

The new money should be enough to build 713 homes, according to the GLA, which announced more than £1billion of funding for new council housing across London.

Phil Bevin, a local Labour Party member who took a petition to the council in July calling for more social housing in the regeneration plans, welcomed the funding but suggested residents reject the estate regeneration plans, and that the social homes should only be built elsewhere.

He said: “I’m unclear as to why these extra homes need to be part of the estate.

“This money could be used to build new homes elsewhere in Kingston, making the borough as a whole more equal and diverse.

“Unless there are structural problems with the buildings, it’s not necessary to demolish them.”