The family and friends of Sonny Thomerson have been paying their respects to the 16-year old from Tolworth who died in a motorbike crash in Epsom earlier this month.

Sonny Thomerson was traveling on a Yamaha motorcycle along Christchurch Road at around 10.40pm on October 21 and police believe he crashed into a lamppost.

Flowers, candles, a poem and a motorcycle helmet have been placed around the lamppost where Sonny is believed to have crashed, along Christchurch Road.

The poem reads: “We didn’t know that morning / God was going to call your name / In life we loved you dearly / In death we do the same.

“It broke our hearts to lose you / You did not go alone / For part of us went with you / The day god called you home.

“You left us beautiful memories / Your love is still our guide / And though we cannot see you / You are always by our side.”

Dee Thornton, who lives locally to where the crash happened, said she saw a dozen teenagers huddled around the lamppost last week, which was during half term.

She said: “Everyday, all week, at least a dozen of them sit together around the lamppost for hours. They are grieving together for their much loved Sonny.

“The poem is so touching and was written by this very close group of friends”

Ms Thornton, who brought in chocolate raisins to the teens, said: “I just said I was sorry for their loss and they did not really want to talk.

“I brought something to eat because they were there for hours. They were grateful.”