A terrifying tour of Kingston will take place for Halloween, where brave souls can venture out with a group of experts to experience some of the town’s more spooky heritage.

Led by Haunted Happenings, a collective of experts in paranormal activity, including world renowned mediums and psychics; fearless ghost hunters will wander through narrow alleyways and deserted streets to uncover some of the gruesome events in the town’s past.

Playful poltergeists moving glassware in the pub, spooky silhouettes spotted in shop displays, sounds of ringing telephones in unused attics and an unusually cold pub cellar, once used to hold the executed bodies of criminals.

These are just some of the supposed ghostly goings on in the riverside town.

Daring ghost hunters will use specialist equipment to connect with the awoken ghostly spirits of the past, taking part in explorative experiments, such as: table tipping, glass moving, vigils and séances, along with the more modern ghost hunting techniques.

The hour long haunted walking tour and supernatural ghost hunt will conclude at Kingston’s Fighting Cocks pub on the Old London Road, which will be decked out in true Halloween style.

Ghost hunters can recover from their experience with a well-deserved drink, following a night of mystery and intrigue.

Tours will take place on October 29 and 30. Tickets for the Kingston Haunted Walking Tour are £10 and dressing up is strongly encouraged, but not compulsory.

To book tickets, please visit inkingston.co.uk/halloween