A dozen volunteers from The Friends of Queen's Prom gathered to clean up the riverside park on Portsmouth Road in Kingston at the weekend.

The group of community gardeners spent a morning restoring and sprucing up The Queen's Promenade on Saturday, September 29, for the third time this year.

Volunteers picked up litter, deadheaded and tidied up the new ramped beds at the Surbiton end of the promenade.

Julian Meers, organiser of the project, said: 'The Queen's Promenade is such a special place locally with its amazing riverside setting but nonetheless still needs to be taken in hand and cared for.

“The Friends certainly made a big difference and will be doing it again in the new year.

“Many thanks to Andy Robinson from Id Verde, Elliot Newton from Citizen Zone and Vikhy and his great team at Nandos for bringing on the Peri Peri chicken.”