Campaigners have raised the alarm about the initial budget allocated to the Cambridge Road Estate regeneration project, quoted at £450,000 in council papers from July.

Kingston council committed in July to hold a residents’ ballot over whether proposed regeneration work on the Cambridge Road Estate goes ahead.

If the project goes ahead, a complete overhaul of the estate would see 830 homes demolished and about 2,000 new homes built.

Phil Bevin, a local community campaigner, said: “The costing is a massive red flag. £450,000 is beyond excessive.

“They have allocated £20,000 to the website and thousands of pounds to social media. The thing I found particularly laughable, ballots’ printing and distribution is allocated £30,000.”

An FOI request submitted to Kingston council by Mr Bevin revealed that of the £450,000, only £30,000 would be spent on holding the ballot.

The rest would be spent on engagement, consultation, print and distribution, communications events, and room hire.

The budget allocates £20,000 to set up and manage a website and an additional £10,000 on a social media campaign.

It also proposes to spend £30,000 to hire a communications advisor to “help ensure effective communications.

A spokesperson for Kingston council said more recent estimates by the council suggest the actual cost of running the ballot would be between £15,000 and £25,000.

The spokesperson said: “The figure of £450,000 was an estimate before the detailed guidance from Sadiq Khan, the London Mayor, was published.”

Cllr Emily Davey, portfolio holder for housing, said: “We are well-aware of the financial pressures facing Kingston Council, and our need to query expenditure at every opportunity

“The residents of Cambridge Road Estate deserve to have their voices heard. We will work for them tirelessly throughout the process".

Mr Bevin submitted an online petition to Kingston council on 38 degrees to call for a review of the terms and costs of the ballots.