A Thames Ditton man staring down the barrel of a life-changing tax bill has slammed his local MP Dominic Raab for doing nothing.

Hugo Owen, 40, who works in IT, has been slapped with a retrospective tax bill in excess of £100,000 due to recent government legislation.

The Financial Bill 2017 implemented a 2019 loan charge, which is estimated will affect around 100,000 workers across all sectors.

Under the legislation, anyone who has used a disguised remuneration scheme in the past twenty years will be hit with a retrospective tax bill on April 5 2019.

Mr Owen said he has been struggling to keep hold of his day job due to severe stress, anxiety and depression.

He said: “I have had some bone loss from the stress. My jaw is always locked. It’s just happened in two years. It’s related to the stress.

“The counselling, the constant anxiety, the struggle. I have not slept a good night’s sleep in two years. The anger at the complete injustice”.

Mr Owen claims his local MP was initially “very supportive” when he first met with him at his constituency surgery in September 2017.

But last week, the IT worker received a letter from Dominic Raab, which read: “I appreciate your ongoing frustrations regarding the Treasury’s approach towards Disguised Remuneration Loans.

“However, given the Treasury’s repeated reiterations of its stance on this issue, there is no further action I can take on this issue which will result in a different outcome.”

In the letter, Mr Raab also offers to put Mr Owen in touch with an HMRC case worker and encourages him to seek legal advice.

Mr Owen said: “I thought my MP’s primary role was to help his constituency and he has not done that and now he’s washed his hands off that.

“All he has done is added to my state of stress, sleepless nights, anxiety, depression and further health deterioration. I have even had to put my life on hold including putting off having children.”

Mr Owen added: “One of our major concerns is the many nurses and care workers who were forced to use these arrangements by their agencies and are now also caught up in this mess.”

Mr Raab said: “I am very sympathetic to the situation that Hugo finds himself in, which is why I have met him twice and raised his case seven times with ministers.

“I am afraid that I have done as much as I can in practice, and have advised him to take legal advice if he feels there are grounds for challenging his tax bill.”

85 MPs have signed an early day motion in Parliament protesting the 2019 loan charge and urging change so that it no longer applies retrospectively.