Tolworth Police have promised action to help a homeless encampment in Tolworth Court Farm

Officers spotted a tent while on foot patrol in and around Tolworth yesterday (Sunday, September 9), with a male and female residing.

A photo published by Tolworth Police on social media yesterday shows a big blue tent pitched under trees, with a barbecue, office chair and cables left outside.

Police said they will be re-attending to check on the man and woman’s welfare.

In a Twitter comment, Tolworth Police wrote: “Our focus on any homeless sleeping in the fields would be on their welfare.

“This specific encampment is very hard to find, you'd have to know where your looking to find it.”

During their foot patrol around Tolworth Court Farm, police officers took the details of a group on quad bikes and advised them against their activity.

Tolworth police said the sign that prohibits motor vehicles in the park could be made larger and moved to a more prominent location.

Responding to the tweet, Cllr Sharron Sumner wrote: “I’m really pleased you’re focusing on the site, as I’ve had Alexandra ward residents complaining about [anti social behaviour] from motorbike riders on the site.