A graduate startup focused on teaching teenagers personal finance has just won a grant from Elmbridge borough council.

The startup, called Nebula, was awarded a business grant by the Elmbridge Start-Up Fund, an initiative set up to assist small businesses in the area.

The money will be used for marketing and developing partnerships with schools and non-profit organisations.

Nebula was created by Bethany Staff, 24, a recent graduate and senior management accountant in the Civil Service, who lives in Esher and aspires to plug the financial literacy gap among British teenagers.

Miss Staff said: “With so many young people struggling with spiralling house prices, high rents and low wages, personal finance is arguably more important than ever for teenagers.

“The trouble is that teenagers are so caught up with schoolwork, they fail to learn these vital skills.

“There’s a tendency in society to mystify finance. We explain to teenagers how the economy functions and how they can benefit from saving and long-term investment.”

Nebula’s e-learning course comprises of visual content and quizzes covering basic economics, personal finance, and long-term investment.

Nebula’s course retails at £49, and is currently on sale at £24 to celebrate its launch.

An Elmbridge Borough Council spokesperson said: “We were delighted to be able to award Nebula Learning the grant from our Elmbridge Start Up Fund.

"Nebula Learing is an enthusiastic and innovative local business and we hope the grant will support them with their marketing activities."