Most Berrylands residents would like a return to weekly rubbish collections, according to a survey carried out by the local Conservative Party.

The unofficial survey of 2,000 residents found that 76 per cent of the 950 people who replied would like to return to a weekly collection of non-recyclable waste. The survey also found that 79 per cent of respondents do not want a so-called spy chip' in their bin to measure how much they are throwing away.

There was also a small percentage of people who admitted they have made more trips to the dump since the trial came in.

Conservative Parliamentary candidate Helen Whately said: "There's no need to bully people into recycling with intrusive inspections and half-sized bins - just provide recycling facilities and recycling rates will go up."

But Councillor Liz Shard, the executive member for sustainability and biodiversity, said an official survey of residents will be carried out by MORI on behalf of the council next month.