Concerns have been raised about a “dangerous” yellow box junction between the top of Brook Street and Wheatfield Way.

The flow of traffic has been redirected, so that oncoming cars from Brook Street must turn right, instead of left due to roadworks.

Kingston council has installed a ‘no left turn’ sign in the middle of Brook Street, which some residents have complained is hard to see.

One resident, Peter Adam, has claimed that his wife Sarah, 70, is still in shock after she was nearly mown down by car on Wednesday (August 6).

The 74-year-old, who lives close to the crossing, said that a car coming from Brook Street turned left at the traffic lights while his wife was in the yellow box.

Mr Adam stood on the side of the road after the incident had happened to watch the flow of traffic and noticed two or three cars turning left instead of right.

He said: “It’s not the usual moan about the roadworks. I think this is very serious. Something will happen, mark my words. There’s an awful inevitability about it. “

Mr Adam, whose wife crosses Wheatfield Way up to twice a day, has reported the incident to the council and is concerned the the crossing is an “accident waiting to happen”.

A council spokesperson said: "We place paramount importance to the safety and well-being of our residents, business, and road users, and continue to listen to and accommodate their needs as we develop the borough's infrastructure.

"The nature of this major improvement to our infrastructure means that works are progressing at pace. Therefore, we encourage road users and pedestrians to make allowances for the transformation underway as they undertake their journeys.

"We'd like to stress that changes happen during works to roads, kerbs, pavements, crossings and can happen hourly, daily, weekly or over a longer period. This can also impact on the flow of traffic and pedestrians, and therefore we encourage increased mindfulness and collaboration from everyone wherever possible."