A Chessington boy, who called 999 after his mum Samantha Pretty had an epileptic fit, has been praised by London Ambulance Service for his bravery.

Tyler Lawrence was presented with a certificate to reward his life-saving skills at the end of last week.

The five-year old boy was getting ready for school when his mum collapsed and lay unconscious.

He immediately alerted the London Ambulance Service by activating an alarm which has been fitted in their home.

Tyler can be heard on the call speaking to a paramedic called Carly Jones saying: “I am going to school now. Mummy has had a fit.”

Mrs Pretty, 32, who lives alone with her son and suffers from regular seizures due to a tumour and fluid on her brain, has taught her son what to do in the case of an emergency.

Her son wears a special pendant to call for help and knows what medication his mum needs.

If an ambulance is called to their home, when Tyler hears it coming, he goes on to their balcony so he can call to the crew to come up.

Mrs Jones, who handed him the certificate, said: “Tyler was amazing. He stayed calm even though he is just five.

“It was lovely to meet Tyler and Samantha, to learn more about their story and give Tyler the recognition he deserves.

“His mum has done a brilliant job teaching him how to deal with an emergency. All parents should teach their children how to call 999 and basic first aid.

Mrs Pretty said: “I’m so happy London Ambulance Service has recognised how amazing he is.

“Tyler is amazing. He knows exactly what to do if I have a seizure. In fact he’s known what to do since he was two years old.

“He has a lot to cope with at a young age but he’s always telling me not to worry. He tells me not to stress about anything and not to rush around because he knows that could cause me to have a fit.”