A Tadworth woman has claimed she was forced to pick up dozens of bags of dog poo abandoned on private land in Tadworth on Wednesday (August 5) morning.

Tracey Blackwood, 53, said she was walking down Copt Hill Lane yesterday morning when she noticed around 20 white carrier bags with the logo of a fish and chip restaurant, containing dog poo.

The non-biodegradable bags were dumped on a cordoned off patch of grass on her road at the back of her neighbour’s garden, which is private property.

Mrs Blackwood said she picked up the bags before her neighbours, who own the grass verge, could be made aware of the problem.

She said: “They have got three young children and they would be mortified if they had seen it.

“It’s horrible. It’s a nice area, and there’s nice houses here and you get people that do that.

“I just find it really weird and rude. If they are willing to pick it up, why don’t they take it home with them?”

Mrs Blackwood, who owns two cockapoos, said dog owners often walk their dogs on a wheat farm up the road.