A 7-year old girl from Esher has raised nearly £2,000 for a children’s cancer charity since her parents set up a Just Giving Page a week ago.

Annabel Gladstone had her waist-length hair cut short on Tuesday, September 4 to donate pony tails of her hair to a cancer charity in memory of her grandmother who died of cancer 18 months ago.

Annabel’s mum Catherine said: “Annabel was talking to myself and her father about some fairly mundane things that we needed to do before the start of the new school term, such as get a haircut, when she told us about a charity she heard about through school

“After asking her many times if she was sure and talking it through, we set up a Justgiving page on her behalf to help her fundraise for the charity.

“She is doing this in memory of her granny who died 18 months ago and who also rocked a wig more than once during all the cancer treatment she received during her life.”

So far, Annabel has raised £1,830 which she plans to give to The Little Princess Trust, a charity which donates wigs to children who lost their own through chemotherapy and illness.

Annabel said: “I want to do this for people that might have something like cancer, that has made their hair fall out.

“ I’m doing it so children who have no hair can have some hair until their own hair grows back. And if it doesn’t, they can just have mine.”

You can donate to Annabel’s page by searching for ‘Annabel’s big haircut’ on Just Giving.