The Queen's Stand at Epsom Downs will be illuminated gold for the entire month of September to mark Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

The Glow Gold campaign seeks to shine a light on childhood cancer, which affects 11 children and young people in the UK every day, a majority of whom will be left with lifelong side effects.

Public buildings and landmarks across the UK, including the National Theatre in London and the British Airways i360 Tower in Brighton, will be turning gold in September.

Pamela Neilson, one of the founders of the campaign, lost her 3-year-old son Kai to leukemia in 2016.

She said: ''Our aim is to make gold synonymous with childhood cancer, as pink is to Breast Cancer. However, our children can’t fight cancer alone, so they need you, they need a voice.

“We are working with both the UK and Scottish Parliaments, Health and Education Boards, business and the public to highlight the issue of awareness and to increase funding for research.

“We are also asking charities to work together to raise the profile of Childhood cancer, and we are disseminating signs and symptoms awareness cards supplied by The Grace Kelly Ladybird Foundation and Headsmart.''

The campaign has also appealed households with gardens and local councils with parks and town centre displays to plant yellow and gold flowers that will be in full bloom in September.