Selco staff arriving to work at 6.30am in Chessington on Wednesday were caught off-guard by the sight of an injured owl at the entrance.

The owl, named Tawny Seth by his rescuers, was unresponsive but still alive after it had flown into the side of the shop on Davis Road.

Members of staff moved it to a cardboard box in a quieter area until an RSPCA officer arrived on the scene.

Tawny Seth was taken to Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue based in Windlesham, where it has been recovering from its ordeal and begun feeding.

Natalie Phillips, from Harper Asprey Wildlife Rescue, said “We have named this juvenile Tawny Seth. He is doing really well and is recovering from his ordeal in peace.

“He is very feisty. At first we were stepping in to make sure he ate enough but after a few days, Seth is now feeding himself.

“His recovery will hopefully be swift so we can return him back home ASAP. It is great that the guys at Selco were able to step in and help him!”

The owl will be released back into the wild close to the Selco branch.