Epsom’s newly formed chess club will be hosting the first round of the Surrey Chess Alexander Cup facing stiff competition from title holders Surbiton chess club.

The Surbiton club took the cup in June, after a tense match with their local rivals Kingston Chess club who lost 6 to 4 at the final held in Ashtead.

Epsom Chess Club will start in division 4 of the Surrey league, facing South Norwood, Kingston, Surbiton and Wimbledon home and away.

The chess club will also face Dorking, of division 3 at home for a chance to win the Lauder trophy, another chess competition.

Marcus Gosling, 24, club president, said: “It's a fantastic draw for us. We wanted to face one of the top teams at home, and that's exactly what has happened.

“We'll all get to play some top players, but there's more chance of me becoming King of England than us beating Surbiton over 10 boards.

"We stand a much better chance against Dorking. They are probably favourites, but we may be able to upset the apple cart".

Epsom chess club, originally formed in 1931, was given a new lease of life when it was re-established by Marcus Gosling and Ravi Sharma, 23, a data analyst from Teddington.

Epsom chess club will hold its first session on Monday, September 3 from 7.30pm at The Rising Sun pub on Heathcote Road.