An Epsom man with Crohn's disease has set himself an adrenaline-packed bucket list to tackle before his 40th birthday for charity.

Items on the list include snorkelling with sharks, bungee jumping, getting a tattoo, dyeing his hair purple, and performing an Irish jig in front of an audience.

Diagnosed with the lifelong condition in 2005, Mr Barron experiences diarrhoea several times a day, as well as stomach cramps, chronic fatigue and sores. He has had three surgeries and tried 15 different types of medication.

The 39-year old plans on hosting a fundraiser night on his birthday on April 27 next year to raise money for the charity Crohn's and Colitis UK.

So far, Mr Barron, who works for a lawn care business, has flown in a two-seater spitfire and taken on Liquid Leisure, a 50-minute watersport obstacle course as part of the challenge.

Despite his fear of heights, Mr Barron is preparing to take on his next challenge on Saturday, September 1, which will be to glide down the fastest and longest zip wire in the world.

Surrey Comet:

His wife Kate, 37, who works as a paediatric nurse, said that while the spitfire experience had been “amazing”, but the Liquid Leisure obstacle course had exhausted him because of his condition.

Mr Barron and his wife Kate appeared in season two of the hit TV programme Peter Andre's 60 Minute Makeover, after Mrs Barron arranged for the makeover team to redesign their home.