An Esher couple is preparing to jog 100km to raise £1,000 for the Princess Alice hospice.

Kerry Ford, 33, and her fiance Nick Ruddle, 39, wish to honour the memory of Ms Ford’s uncle Chris Spudel, who stayed at the hospice and lived in Esher for 60 years.

The couple, who live and work on Garsons Farm with their nine-year-old daughter Phoebe, will set out from Putney Bridge, past Hampton Court, to Runnymede and Henley.

Ms Ford took on the challenge last year for the first time but had to pull out before the end due to an injury.

She said: “I found it a real struggle on my own last year and I was on the phone throughout the night to Nick who kept talking to me to keep me going

“I’m so pleased Nick is doing the challenge with me this year as it will be a great support for both of us when we have low points with exhaustion.

“We will keep going by chatting to friends on our phones, listening to music, and finally having the chance to catch up with each other.”

The couple met at Garsons when they both started working in the farm shop and have been engaged for 10 years.

They plan to walk the challenge continuously for two days, only stopping to refuel with snacks and drinks.

They are hoping that their Garsons colleagues, friends and family will join them at scheduled rest stops at Hurst Park in Hersham and at Runnymede.

After that, they will continue through the night and early morning until they reach the finish line.

Donations can be made on