Nine years ago, Greg Stallard spent his days working as an electrician and his spare time building a boxing gym in his parents’ back garden.

But now the Surbiton 33-year-old runs his own professional boxing gym in Hook Rise North, after quitting his day job five years ago to focus on his passion.

“I thought I will just build a gym to train on my own and it escalated from there," he told Surrey Comet, admitting that he never thought the business would take off.

"It was amazing because my father was really ill and he passed away a few years ago and he saw it all."

Now Mr Stallard, who lives in Somerset Avenue, is giving something back to his community, working with Southborough GCSE students and the police to help travellers and troubled teenagers transform their lives.

Having grown up down the road from his local gym, he said seeing the success of some of his athletes motivates him to work hard to run his business.

“All the lads have problems. You see them grow. They come to the gym with low confidence," he added.

“It gives them a way out. They all want to fight and it’s a way to control it. We work closely with the police. They send them up to us."

Stallard’s Boxing Gymnasium has appeared on Channel 4, Sky Sports and multiple YouTube channels, and was also featured in Joe Wicks: The Body Coach in February.

At the moment the 33-year-old is helping the Sutton boxer Tommy Williams prepare for his next fight at the famous York Hall on October 6.