Mental health facilities are no good enough, according to Cllr Barry Nash.

The councillor, who is chairman of the community and wellbeing committee has written to the chief executive of Surrey and Borders Partnership NHS Foundation Trust.

In the letter Cllr Nash highlights that current mental health services in the NHS are no accessible, new provisions seem to have been shelved and there is an increasing need for mental health services for young people.

Councillor Nash said: “While this council is not a decision maker on the future of the area’s health provision, we are democratically elected representatives of the borough and we do have to ensure the views of residents are heard.

“The current mental health facilities for the area are disappointing, especially when the borough has a strong legacy in the provision of mental health services. The NHS has made considerable sums selling off land in Epsom which used to be mental health hospitals.

“It is therefore unjustifiable that borough residents have been left with the current meagre mental health amenities and the future for such provision is unclear.”

The Community and Wellbeing Committee has a stated intention to support and make representations to Surrey and Borders Partnership to establish a facility for people presenting in crisis with acute mental health needs within the Borough.