Recreation grounds in Epsom and Ewell have been given the green light to improve lighting on their grounds.

The council agreed the £50,000 expenditure at a Strategy & Resources Committee on Thursday, July 26.

Court Recreation Ground in Epsom and Poole Road Recreation Ground in Ewell will have their lighting improved. The new LED lighting will extend the use of the outdoor facilities over winter.

Court Recreation Ground includes an astro turf pitch, five football pitches, a bowling green, three tennis courts, an outdoor gym trail, a children’s play area and an area for older children.

Poole Road Recreation Ground - also known as King George V Playing Fields - includes an athletics track, two football pitches, two tennis courts, a basketball court, a children’s play area, an area for older children and a multi-use games area. The park also hosts a boxing club, a gymnastics club, a running club and an inclusive cycle group.

Cllr Eber Kington, Chair of the Strategy & Resources Committee said: “It is important to maintain the quality of our outdoor sports and recreational facilities and if we encourage more people to use them for more hours in the day that adds to the wellbeing of our residents”

As light pollution is a concern, a trial was undertaken at both sites to measure light levels, under guidance by Sport England regarding levels of light for football pitches and athletics tracks.

Cllr Kington said: “Whilst increasing the use of these facilities, the introduction of the latest technology will also see a reduction in both, light pollution and the running costs of lighting at both parks.

“Improved lighting in these parks is another element of our policy to ensure our borough remains welcoming and safe, and any increased usage of the parks in the evening will add to that feeling of safety”.