Sadiq Khan wants the green man to be left on at pedestrian crossings to encourage more Londoners to get walking and active.

TfL's new walking scheme wants to put pedestrians in charge and leave the green man on and only change if it senses a car approaching.

The Mayor has said that he wants London to be “the world’s most walkable city”.

These plans will be implemented at the busiest pedestrian crossings to allow more people to get where they are going on foot a lot quicker.

TfL's traffic control centre manages the transport response to disruptions on London’s complex road network, playing a vital role in keeping the capital moving.

The decisions made in the control centre will now be based on a new decision-making framework that focuses on ‘four Ps’ – protection, pedestrians, pedal cycles, and passengers.

With this new framework, people walking will be better protected and prioritised when decisions are made in response to disruptions on London’s streets.

The main aim to to ease pedestrians' fears of dangerously, busy roads when in London.

So what do you think about this? Is this a good idea or a plan for disaster?