A family-run Tadworth business was left “horrified” after a huge oil spill in a builder’s yard forced them to move out – costing thousands of pounds.

The alleged fly-tip, dumped in the driveway of what was formerly Sparrowhawk’s yard, also forced emergency roadworks to be undertaken in Epsom Lane North on July 11.

Farm Fencing Ltd in Ashurst Road, which is temporarily renting the yard, cannot work out of the premises due to the major hazard.

Marketing and store manager Jessica Rea Connelly said: “I was horrified that people do this, especially because of the damage the chemicals can cause.

“There is wildlife, there are houses next door, and it’s all highly flammable. It’s terrible for the wildlife and the people that live around the area.

“We won’t be able to get in or out, it would put staff members at risk and we are not willing to do that.”

She and her colleagues discovered what happened when workers went to the yard on the morning of July 10 this week, finding police officers on the scene.

Images published online show a huge trail of the spillage across a path, leading up to what appears to be an overturned green garbage bin.

There are also several buckets and containers seen discarded into a small area near to some gates, containing potentially “dangerous substances”.

In a post Farm Fencing Ltd said: “You might be wondering as to why part of the switch back is closed off?

“Some scumbags decided to fly-tip, not only a huge drum of oil, but a large amount of corrosive substances right next to Sparrow Hawk’s yard.

“What’s happening around here?”

One user commented, “That is so awful. Words fail me”, while another said, “shocking”.

At this stage, it’s unclear who dumped the oil drum, possibly “contaminating the whole area, in the driveway of the builder’s yard.

Ms Connelly added: “It’s hard to think this happened in broad daylight. They must have waited until we [Farm Fencing] closed, knowing there would be nobody there.

“But surely someone would have heard something.”

A Surrey County Council spokesman said traffic delays, in Epsom Lane North, are expected until July 13 while the road is resurfaced due to the oil spillage.