Fire-lighting activities at a First World War centenary event have been cancelled due to the hot dry weather.

The Woodland Trust is hosting a family event at Langley Vale Wood on Saturday, July 21, where visitors can learn about life in the First World War.

Fire-lighting was initially advertised on their website and leaflets as part of the survival skill learning, but the Trust has since changed the event description.

PR and Content Manager Andy Bond said: “I can confirm that there will be no fire-lighting at the First World War event.

“It was originally going to be part of bushcraft activities, but we have cancelled it due to the extremely dry weather and the heat wave.

“There are lots of other activities though – including the chance to explore a field hospital, find out what troops were fed on the front line and have a go at infantry training.

“People will also be able to enjoy crafts, apple press, family games, food stalls and a picnic area.”

This news comes on the same day that Surrey Fire and Rescue Service released a safety warning, after a series of fires breaking out in recent weeks due to bonfires, barbecues and cigarettes.

The service added that there is an increased risk of fire when the weather is hot and dry.

The Woodland Trust has named the 640 acres of hills and fields near Epsom ‘England’s Centenary Wood’, where they hope to plant 200,000 native trees.

The First World War event will take place 11am-4pm on July 21.