With less than a year to go until the UK leaves the European Union, there are still countless Brexit-related issues that have still not been sorted out just yet.

One of them was whether or not UK citizens would still be able to play the EuroMillions lottery as for next year.

Fortunately, the lotto officials have stepped in to clarify this issue and it seems that the Brits will still be able to participate in their favorite game next year.

At the moment, there are nine countries in the EuroMillions and the UK will continue to be one of them even post-Brexit.

Being a member of the EU has never been a participation requirement for this lottery, so there is no reason why the UK should be excluded. In fact, Switzerland, which has never been part of the European Union, has been a part of the EuroMillions family for years.

As pointed out by a EuroMillions spokesperson, the game’s agreement is not made between the governments of the nine countries, but between their lottery operators.

As such, the Brexit will not influence the UK’s claim for participation in any way. In fact, Camelot, the UK’s lottery operator, is actually one of the founding members of the EuroMillions.

Even UK expats living in other participating countries will still be able to play the game as they do now.

As a back-up plan, Brits can play EuroMillions from wherever they are on theLotter.co.uk or other specialised online portals. But for those who want the classic experience, they can rest assured that there will still be plenty of EuroMillions tickets in every lottery retailer’s office.

At the moment, the prizes in the EuroMillions are announced in euros, but there are a few countries that distribute winnings in their own currencies.

“EuroMillions currently operates successfully across three different currencies – Euros, Swiss Francs, and pounds here in the UK”, he said. This means that the Brexit will not affect the prize payment process, at least not in terms of the general policy.

The only impact that it will most likely have is on the amounts of the lottery prizes.

"EuroMillions prizes are fixed as euro amounts before UK winners receive the equivalent pound sterling value based on the exchange rate at the time of the draw." 

Since the British pound is expected to drop in 2019, this could mean that the sums received by future UK EuroMillions winners will be somewhat lower.

Even if this does prove to be the case, the enthusiasm that the Brits have for the EuroMillions will most certainly not diminish.

Come spring, the UK will undergo numerous changes once it leaves the European Union. But one of the things that will always be there for the Brits is their favorite lottery, the EuroMillions. Camelot will continue its legacy in Europe’s favorite game, even after the Brexit.