After the initial joy that came with hearing her son was engaged, all that Judith Eicke could think about was how she "didn't want to be the 'fat one' in all of the photos."

This was when she decided to do something about it and get in shape.

Judith joined Weight Watchers to lose weight for the wedding, and that's exactly what she did.

The Woking woman managed to lose half of her body but says it wasn't all about the transformation on the outside.

“I now have more energy, feel better within myself and make healthier food choices," Ms Eicke said.

"I’ve had to buy new clothes - which isn’t good on the financial side - but now choose clothes to accentuate my slimmer waistline.

"I’ve had lots of praise from people about how well I have done, some of whom I don’t know but have spoken to me in the gym saying that they noticed how much weight I had lost.”

In total, she has lost a whopping nine stone and isn't planning on going back anytime soon.

She wasn't the only one pleased with the progress made

Her coach Gemma Neale said: “I am so proud of Judith to have reached goal, she is so inspirational, and she’s gone through such an incredible transformation.

"As Judith continues to attend the meetings, I will continue to support and encourage her to continue with the fantastic work she has done so far to ensure she will stay on track and take control of her goals for good.”