A "change to the way" Kingston Council is led and managed will cost it more than £300,000.

This comes as the council chose to part ways with its now former chief executive, Charlie Adan.

The current deputy chief executive at the council, Roy Thompson - who has been at Kingston for 12 years - will become interim chief executive for up to 12 months or until a permanent CEO is appointed.

But this exodus isn't without cost.

The council will have to pay out £312,000 (including pension costs) and although it says there will be £190,000 saved over the course of a year from not filling that vacancy, this still comes as a cost of £122,000.

Speaking of Ms Adan’s departure, the leader of the council, Liz Green, said: “I want to thank Charlie for the work she has put in as chief executive over the past two years.

"I recognise that the former administration thought highly of her work and that she had exemplary appraisals from them.

"The new administration will be taking the council in a new direction and this will require a change to the way the organisation is led and managed. I am grateful to Charlie for agreeing to leave at this time.”

Ms Adan said she was "very sorry" to be leaving Kingson and that she had enjoyed the past two years.

"I was set the task of bringing about change and transformation, and I have done so," she said.

"I have focused on achieving outcomes, transforming the way the council works and creating a new operating model to meet the challenges facing the Council.

"Our ‘no stone unturned’ strategic financial review created a financial plan to meet funding constraints.

"I have fundamentally changed the organisation’s design and culture and will be leaving a highly networked team, a leaner, fitter and more focused organisation with greatly reduced workforce costs.

"I will be sad to be leaving such a high quality team".