A group of Elmbridge students said they have been "inspired" to learn since a new school building opened up.

On Tuesday, Three Rivers Academy officially unveiled its new facility in front of former headteachers, councillors and local charities.

Students have already given some glowing feedback.

"Our school is a great learning environment because it now has such modern facilities," one pupil said

"We find it much more inspiring and easier to learn here, in a place where we feel comfortable and supported by all the new facilities."

Another said: "The school is so inclusive now, with large open social spaces and facilities such as the lifts to make it accessible to everyone."

There was even enough time throughout the day to show off a few of the new additions.

Dr Maggie Aderin-Pocock was one of the people invited to take a tour of the school, during which time she had the chance to take part in a science lesson.

“Participating in the Three Rivers Opening was a real joy, as was meeting the children and sharing their excitement," she said.

"The fantastic facilities and wonderful teachers are a real credit to the school."