A disabled man has been left unable to exercise on Fairfield Recreation Ground after the one machine he could use was taken away.

Ron Bond, who uses a wheelchair, was able to exercise using the air walker in the "trim trail".

Machine manufacturer Fresh Air Fitness describes it thus: "Users can set their own pace, choosing a wide walk, stretching legs and developing flexibility in the hip joints or a shorter faster pace to build cardio strength.

"Alternatively, users can lean on the bar and raise both legs simultaneously to strengthen core muscles."

But that, along with two other machines, was taken away when Kingston Council installed a new path in the ground.

Mr Bond's wife Laura said: "It was really good, because when we went out there to walk our dogs he could get on there and do some exercises, which was great for him."

A council spokeswoman said the council hoped to replace the machines in the future, subject to committee approval, and that they were removed because they were no longer safe and "could not be fixed, owing to their old age".

But Mrs Bond said: "The last time he used it, it seemed to be fine.

"It means my husband has got no form of exercise he can really do. And they must have spent a lot of money on this new path, which seems like an extravagance rather than a necessity.

"I don't know how long Ron will be waiting for."