The mother of a disabled girl has criticised her school for putting a skip in its only blue badge parking space.

Nancy Griffiths's daughter Tia, 10, goes to Latchmere Junior School in Kingston.

She has problems with her heart and lungs, hypermobility in her joints and has to be fed through a tube, and needs to be dropped off at the parking space to get to school on time.

Ms Griffiths said: "Tia's on a very strict feeding schedule. I feed her from half past eight to about quarter to nine, and then just have time to get her to school.

"If I have to come from further away, I would need to have her in a pushchair or wheelchair, unless I get to school by 8am when there's still space nearby, which I can't do."

The skip has been in the space since Friday, June 15, but the school denies causing Ms Griffiths any inconvenience.

Headteacher Julie Ritchie said: "The parent in question is the only person to use the car park. All staff park on the road.

"She can still come in and do a three-point turn; we've made sure she has enough room."

Ms Griffiths said other people do use the car park.

She said: "It's dangerous for the children when there are cars trying to manoeuvre. One parent this morning [Wednesday, June 20] was partly blocking the fire escape.

"People are parking inconsiderately. We fought for this blue badge; I think it shows a lack of respect."