The full Surrey Comet archive is now available to the public at Kingston History Centre.

After Newsquest's donation of bound copies to fill the gaps, the Friends of Kingston Museum have a full collection of every edition in the Comet's 160-year history.

Bob Phillips, head of fundraising for the Friends, said: "This generous gift from Newsquest will save a significant amount in preservation costs, and ensures we have access to this important resource."

Some of the old copies had been worn out by frequent use, and the Friends needed 40 of the 300 Newsquest offered to fill the complete archive.

Much of the collection is on microfilm, with the council having invested in storage, and this will now be complemented by a full set of the physical newspapers.

Joanne Moulton, acting head of culture at Kingston Council said: "The History Centre is very pleased to accept the donation of these volumes. This gives the people of Kingston the ability to see their history as depicted in the pages of the major local newspaper.

“We are very grateful to Bob Phillips of the Friends of Kingston Museum who arranged it all, to Newsquest who have donated the volumes and and the volunteers who helped pack them."

Started by Surbiton printer Thomas Philpott in 1854, Surrey Comet has covered the biggest news in Kingston for more than sixteen decades.