A New Malden couple are celebrating their platinum wedding anniversary after 70 years of marriage.

Eric and Dorothy Rose, both 92, met in 1941.

Mrs Rose said: "It was during wartime of course, and my father was in the Navy. We were keeping his allotment going. I was only 14, so I used to have to do it.

"One evening I was going home, and on a wall down at the back entrance there was a boy holding a ball of fluff. It was a tiny little puppy – only six weeks old.

"I couldn’t help but go and fuss over it. The boy said ‘would you like to take it for a walk?’ and we did. We walked that dog every day until it died 16 years later."

The pair were engaged by the time Eric was sent to the Middle East for three years; they wrote to one another every day.

They were married on June 12, 1948, and moved to New Malden in 1957.

Mr Rose was stationed at Kingston Police Station - he worked at the old and new stations in the course of his career.

Mrs Rose is still active in the community, getting involved in events at her local churches.

They celebrated the milestone on the day for a meal at Petersham Nurseries.

Mr Rose said: "It was lovely. And at the weekend we had all the children here - our granddaughter and her husband and two children who are living in Naples came over."

The Queen also sent her congratulations, wishing them well in a telegram.

They both gave their thoughts on the secret to such a long and happy marriage.

Mrs Rose said: "We have been best friends all that time, and we have done everything together.

"We work everything out together and we share everything."

And Mr Rose said: "Love and togetherness. I think that's the best way to put it."