A mum is calling for signs to alert drivers they are passing a West Molesey school.

Louise Duffy said the road markings are needed near Hurst Park Primary to warn motorists as more families try to take the healthier option of walking to school.

Her plea for safety measures was made to members of Surrey County Council and Elmbridge Borough Council Local Committee on Monday, June 11.

She had made the call for action earlier this year and attended the meeting this week to ask for an update.

Speaking at the meeting, she said: “I walk to school with my daughter and we are encouraged to walk to school, but cars go flying down that road.”

She said the school developed a travel plan when it had an extension and added: “I understand as part of the school development, signs should be there for drivers to slow down and keep to the 30mph. My experience is quite different.”

In response, deputy chairman of the committee Councillor Peter Szanto said: “I agree wholeheartedly with your push to get this right.”

Peter Shimadry, senior engineer for Surrey Highways, said the signs should have been put there as part of the school expansion.

He recommended the county council's school travel team be contacted for a further update.