Two burglars who broke into four houses in Esher have been jailed for four and a half years.

Alexis Andres Epul Zarate and Pablo Edinson Ibanez Quilenan, both of no fixed abode, broke into the houses on February 20 and 22, stealing jewellery and handbags.

All the burglaries happened while the victims were out of their homes.

Zarate, 36, and Quilenan, 27, were spotted running away from someone's home in Manor Road South after a burglar alarm had been activated.

Someone called police and gave details of the vehicle used by the men, which Surrey Police found on February 26 and then arrested the pair.

High-value items from the four burgled houses were then found and recovered.

At a pre-trial hearing on May 29 and 30, both men pleaded guilty.

DC Glen Simpson said: “This is part of an ongoing regional investigation into crimes occurring across the south east which involve South American nationals coming to the UK to commit burglaries.

"The sentencing shows that we are taking these matters seriously, and we want to send a clear message to any other individuals considering committing the same crime that we won’t tolerate this behaviour in Surrey and that we will pursue such offenders rigorously.”