Residents being supported at homes for young adults with autism and disabilities showed off their skills at a talent show for their families and home staff.

London Care Partnership's Got Talent, based on the popular television show, took place on Friday, June 1 at Long Ditton Village Hall.

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This inaugural event was organised by the Ewell Road care home's manager Sacha Reddick.

She said “We hosted this show to show how wonderful our residents are, and to showcase and celebrate the skills that our young people have.

"For many of our young people, basic everyday tasks can be extremely challenging for them, so to see our performers overcome these difficulties and anxieties is a massive achievement for each and every person in the show.

"The amount of pride that the support staff of LCP and our residents families was phenomenal! Days like today gives our young people the opportunity to show their talents. It is an honour to support our residents to feel the happiness they felt today."

One such resident was Corlel Marshall, who hosted the event in front of 70 staff and family members.

On the day, Mr Marshall said: "It's awesome! This is the best day ever."

The residents who performed were Corlel, Dillon, Nathan, Hazheen, Kamal, Tom, Nichola, Louis, Salmin, Moses, Omar, Jack and David, who showed off his baking talents.

The overall winner was Nathan, who performed a Michael Jackson dance and played music on a keyboard.

Other winners included Nichola for her singing, Moses for his dancing, Salmin for his art and Kamal for reading Harry Potter in two languages.

Ms Reddick said the show is likely to become an annual event.

She added: “It’s amazing to see how far our residents have come. I look forward to seeing how amazing our young people perform in next year’s show, although our guys and girls never cease to amaze me.”