The call and peals of Kingston's town crier and his bell will be heard in the borough again after an eight-year silence.

Former Rokeby School headmaster Michael Seigel has been appointed to the historic role.

He said: “It’s wonderful to see the return of this ancient tradition and I’m honoured to be a part of its continuation.

"I’m already a proud ambassador of our historic royal borough so I’m really excited about putting on my ceremonial dress and taking to the streets with my bell."

Mr Seigel has lived in the borough for 33 years, and is currently chairman of the Kingston Tour Guides and was the first chairman of the Canbury Area Residents Association established in 1991.

The position of town crier was originally called "crier of the town court", and dates back to medieval times.

He would inform the mostly illiterate townsfolk of the latest news and other important information, as well as perform other duties related to law and order.

Kingston did away with its town crier in 1914, but re-established the position in 1984.

Mr Seigel will focus on supporting the borough’s civic and community events, and strengthening ties to Kingston’s historic past.