The Weybridge Ladies Amateur Rowing Club Regatta is all set and ready to launch on Sunday, June 10.

Rowers from about 25 clubs, including Kingston, Richmond, Walton and Weybridge, will take part in about 160 races.

Weybridge Ladies committee chairwoman Sarah Bedwell said: “We are a club that does all we can to try and inspire women to participate in sport.

"From absolute beginners to successful racers we work hard to provide excellent coaching, support and facilities in a safe environment focus on helping everyone achieve their own goals."

The banks of the Thames will be full of spectators for the annual event, which is hoped will raise vital money for the host club,

This year the club is embarking on major refurbishment of its historic boathouse.

Ms Bedwell said: "Our club has been based on the banks of the Thames for more than 90 years, and is in need of some TLC.

"Our fundraising efforts so far have got us two-thirds of the way to our goal, but we still need that extra third to complete the project.

"This is a huge focus for all the members and has brought everyone together to improve our facilities for the benefit of all our members and anyone new who joins our club and our regatta is a major fundraising opportunity.”