A lawyer working in Kingston will have her face put up on public transport and screens across the country, hoping to break down people's perceptions of solicitors.

Saira Tamboo, a planning and highways solicitor working for Surrey County Council, is the new face of the Law Society's "Solicitor. Here to Help" campaign.

She said: “I wanted to be a solicitor since undertaking work experience in a law firm as a teenager at school, and I have loved every minute since.

“I enjoy it because I feel the work I do can have a positive impact on people and change their lives for the better, and it can change communities too. Everything we do is about people and getting the best results for them."

The campaign is hoped to reverse the stereotype that solicitors are out of reach for ordinary people.

Ms Tamboo said: “I don’t think solicitors have the best image.

“At some point in our lives, the majority of us will need a solicitor for one reason or another, however, there are so many negative connotations associated with the profession. People sometimes see us as unfriendly and unapproachable, but we are just ordinary people from all walks of life who want to help."