A film portraying a young man's struggles with OCD has been made by a Tadworth-based production company.

'For Want Of a Nail' is a light-hearted drama about Marty, a graphic designer who has struggled with strange urges his whole life.

Following the deaths of several loved ones, these compulsions have gotten stronger.

Producer and founder of Oakhill Productions, Ali Causon said: "About four years ago I made a film called 'All's Well' about soldiers returning from Afghanistan.

"I got more into the social side and wanted to make films with purpose. I want to raise awareness of mental health."

Writer Nick Thomson - who has OCD himself - presented the script to Ali last August and she instantly connected with the dark humour.

"It's a little bit like American Psycho, a really dry, funny film," she said.

Ali got into the film industry naturally. She said: "I used to act about 10 years ago, a lot of students used to say 'Come and work on our film for free'!

"A friend said, 'You're the most organised person I know, why don't you start producing?"

To pick the perfect director, Ali took to Pinterest to get the shortlisted candidates to create mood boards to see if their ideas were compatible.

"I selected five directors based on their past work and, out of this five, I asked them to read the script and pick out images and screenshots from other films to portray how they see the film."

Both Ali and Nick were impressed with director Lucy Joan Barnes from Croydon, who was BAFTA nominated for the New Talent award, and she got the job.

Lucy, who was passionate about the story, said: "Can you imagine constantly having the voice of your nagging mother in your head, except it's not your mother it's you, and when you put your headphones on it's still there?"

The film provided on-set work experience to Surrey students and was filmed on location in Reigate, including St Mary's Church.

For Want Of a Nail is being submitted to film festivals worldwide, including Epsom's own Satisfied Eye International Film Festival (SEIFF) and will be released later in the year.