A school nurse from Epsom has penned a children's book about emotions called 'Angry, ANGRY Angus'.

The story focuses on Angus who sometimes feels angry, but doesn’t know how to tell people how he feels without losing him temper.

His family and friends show him how to talk about what he is feeling; Angus learns he can even help his friends to feel less angry by listening and talking to them.

Katrina Sealey, author, said: “Mental Health Awareness Week reminds us that mental health and emotional wellbeing is such a big issue for today’s young people and adults.

“To improve the country’s mental health we need to start with the next generation - by helping young children to understand and effectively express their feelings and emotions and understand those around them.

"Angry ANGRY Angus is helping to give children the skills to live in good mental health as they grow up.”

Children and Family Health Surrey funded the book and teaching resource pack, which it's distributing to 92 primary schools in Surrey - including in Epsom - this term.

Stephen Cass, Children and Family Health Surrey board member, said: “I think this is a fantastic and very important project which supports emotional well-being and mental health for children in Surrey.”

Phrases like ‘I think’, ‘I feel’, ‘I know’ and ‘I remember’ give young children, aged three to seven, the words they need to explain what is happening inside them.

Katrina Sealy was named ‘Rising Star of the Year’ at the annual Nursing Times Awards in November 2017.

Anyone interested in the book can buy it online at www.amazon.co.uk/angry-ANGRY-Angus-Katrina-Sealey/dp/1786238683