Ofsted has rated a nursery in Chessington ‘outstanding’ for children’s personal development, behaviour and welfare.

According to the inspector, Playtime Day Nursery, which remains ‘good’ overall, got the rating because settling-in procedures are “wholly tailored to meet the specific individual needs of children and parents”.

She said: “Babies, in particular, benefit from their dedicated key person who gathers extensive details, for instance, about the wider family.

“This includes photographs, which children love to see.

“Children excel in their physical development.

“Babies and toddlers are extremely active, such as rolling balls down towers, eagerly watching where they go. Older children are highly competent.

“For example, they put on their coats and boots and, whatever the weather, use the outdoor play to their maximum benefit.

“They squelch mud, make pies and confidently practise climbing and balancing skills.

“Children enjoy highly nutritious, home-cooked meals that fully take into account their explicit dietary needs to ensure their healthcare needs are met to the highest level.”

The nursery was rated good in all other areas- leadership and management, quality of teaching, and outcomes for children.

The report states: “Children play and learn in a well-resourced nursery where their safety and well-being are of the highest priority.

“Children learn how to keep safe. For example, they become safety officers and offer ideas to staff of how to keep the nursery safe.”

Staff encourage reflection in the children, and have a good relationship with parents.

The kids are also encouraged to read and “enjoy spontaneous occasions when staff and children sit and read stories together”.

The inspector said the nursery is not yet outstanding overall, as “staff do not consistently recognise opportunities that arise to challenge the abilities and thinking skills of older and most-able children”.

Shelly Mahoney, the nursery manager, said they were “glad” about “being consistent”.

She added: “There’s always room for improvement and we hope to get outstanding next time.”