A statue of Emily Davison looks set to be put up in Epsom town centre, after councillors agreed to work with campaigners to erect it.

Labour councillor Kate Chinn proposed the motion for the council to support the community in funding and putting the statue up in the market place.

Emily Davison was famously injured after stepping in front of the king’s horse at the Epsom Derby on June 4, 1913, five years before the law changed to allow some women to vote.

It is suggested she was trying to pin the suffragette colours onto the horse’s bridle, but she died at Epsom Cottage Hospital from her injuries four days later.

Cllr Chinn said: “Now is the time for the council to commit to ensuring this statue is erected. It is an opportunity for the borough to celebrate the centenary of parliament passing the Representation of the People Act.

“This year, improvements are planned in the market square and there is a budget allocated for seating and enhancing the environment. What a fantastic focal point a statue in recognition of Emily’s role in getting the vote for women would be.”

Residents Association councillor and chairman of the Strategy and Resources Committee Eber Kington amended the motion to remove mention of a bench for the statue to be seated on.

Councillors unanimously agreed to approve the amended motion at a meeting on Tuesday, April 24.

Chairwoman of the Emily Davison Memorial Project Sarah Dewing said: “I was a little surprised with the amendment. But I’m very please that there is cross party support for this.

“It sounds like the council will do all it can to have this statue erected in the town centre.”

Work has been ongoing between the council and the memorial project group on the statue for some time.

Cllr Kington said: “If all goes to plan the statue will be a fitting testament to the important role of Emily Davison in the suffragette movement, and to the role the suffragettes generally in campaigning for equality.

“It will also provide an important new landmark in our town and a statement of how Epsom feels about its link with such a significant point in the nation’s history.”