Behind-the-scenes pictures of upcoming BBC law drama The Split being filmed in County Hall, Kingston, have been released.

Filming took place for five days in September and November 2017, with the hall being used to depict a courtroom.

The drama features a female-led cast and focuses on the Defoes, a family of divorce lawyers.

FilmFixer, the company that deals with filming arrangements for Kingston Council, director Karen Everett said: “Being set around a family of lawyers, the script called for extensive courtroom scenes. This was an important location to find.

“Kingston’s old Surrey County Hall proved ideal, allowing the production to shoot over five days in total in September and November last year.

“It’s a great location with plenty of room for a big cast and crew, and in the relatively quiet locale of Kingston.”

Stephen Mangan plays the husband of one of the Defoe sisters played by Nicola Walker.

Talking about taking the role, he said: "I do have a law degree. The reason I didn’t become a lawyer is because the law is trying to untangle the mess of human interactions and emotions and try and come up with something clear.

“To me the mess of human interaction is more interesting – I want to explore it, not untangle it.

“Family law is a very specific branch that I didn’t know much about. Traditionally it was always seen as the slightly poor relation to other branches of law, but it’s become a huge industry in the last 20 years or so with the rise of divorce and people’s much more complicated financial set ups."

The Split starts on BBC One on April 24 at 9pm.